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What is it?

SmartPalm is a mobile APRS(tm) display, designed for any palm sized computer running PalmOS. It is not designed to replace existing projects, such as PocketAPRS. Rather, it is designed to be readable without being distracting. As a result, it does not perform mapping, nor is mapping considered important to implement. If you are looking for a simple APRS(tm) display, take a look at this project.

PalmOS is free software, developed with the BSD license. Once released, you are free to use it however you wish.

Development Status


Speak C? Love PalmOS internals? Whistle APRS(tm) packets? Join the development team! Create a Source Forge account ( Then send an email to Joel to let him know that you want to be part of the team!

This project also needs help with documentation, website design, and screen shots. If you would be interested in helping with any of this, follow the instructions in the paragraph above and send me an email.

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